15 FEB 1942

After 4am, Wavell was woken up and handed the following telegram from Churchill:

 “You are of course sole judge of moment when no further results can be gained in Singapore and should instruct Percival accordingly. CIGS concurs.”

Shortly after 8.30am, Percival received the following cable from Supreme Commander:

“So long as you are in position to inflict losses and damage to enemy and your troops are physically capable of doing so must fight on. Time gained and damage to enemy are of vital importance at this crisis. When you are fully satisfied that this is no longer possible I give you discretion to cease resistance. Before doing so all arms and equipment and transport of value to enemy must of course be rendered useless. Also just before final cessation of fighting opportunity should be given to any determined bodies of men or individuals to try and effect escape by any means possible. They must be armed. Inform me of intentions. Whatever happens I thank you and all troops for your gallant efforts of last few days.”

British troop strength in Singapore:

Infantry Battalions (3&half div) with 88,600 regulars/volunteers (19,600 Brit, 15,200 Aust, 37,000 Indian, 16,800 locally enlisted)

Japanese troop strength attacking Singapore:

30,000 comprising 5th Div, 18th Div and Imperial Guards

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