This room is bigger than some of the other rooms in the bunker. A thick metal door guards access to the room. In the far end two mannequins are seated at a large wooden desk. The one with a moustache sits in a wicker armchair behind the desk. The other sits in another wicker armchair at one side of the desk. They appear to be in conversation. The one on the side wears a peaked cap.  He is Maj General Keith Simmons, the fortress commander. As Fortress Commander, he is in charge of all the coastal and beach defences. The anti-aircraft defences, including the search lights, are also under his control. Although he is the Fortress Commander, he is not seated behind the desk.

Lt General Arthur Percival, is seated behind the desk. He made this room his office in the last few days preceding the fall of Singapore. General Percival was the GOC Malaya. He was the General Officer Commanding Malaya and had about 88,600 soldiers under his command. The sink behind Lt General Percival has been here since 1939. There are six of these sinks which have survived to this day.

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