The Battle Box was constructed in 1936. Situated nine metres beneath Fort Canning Hill, it was also the site where General Percival reached the fateful decision to surrender Singapore to the invading Japanese forces on 15 Feb 1942.

There are altogether 26 rooms in The Battle Box. The museum is enhanced with specially crafted wax figures, some of which can move and talk using animatronics.

Mystery of the Battle Box

Mystery surrounds a locked room within the underground bunker. This room, situated between the Gun Operations Room and the Surrender Conference Room, is out of bounds to all visitors.

In his novel ‘Mystery of the Battle Box’, author Raymond Han attempts a fictional answer to this mystery by creating characters who enlist the help of the spirits of two World War II soldiers — a British and an Australian who are trapped eternally in the underground tunnel – to find the lost treasure of General Yamashita.


Here is an excerpt from the novel:




Here is the blurb from the novel:

Jing Yang, his classmate Angelina and his cousin Tim team up to solve a mystery about hidden treasure in an underground bunker which was built during World War Two.

A history dropout from a local university has been searching for the treasure for many years. The teenagers must find the treasure first – before he does. They stumble into a secret tunnel beneath the bunker with help from two spirits — British and Australian soldiers — haunting the bunker since World War Two.

Just when they lay eyes on the gold bars hidden in the secret tunnel, who else but the history dropout should turn up behind them, startling them…


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